Enigma Boysluv - Yaoi Proof: 07 Ghost (Teito x Mikage)

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TEITO - Main character. An impetuous, bratty youth that despite his upbringing as a 'sklave,' is kind, brave and fairly pure of heart. Lil sensitive about his height though.

MIKAGE - Teito's easy going, supportive, older, or just taller best friend who's always got his back.

From ep 1 most everything about this anime screams shonen ai fodder. All the typical yaoi cliches are there:

  • ALL main characters are bishonen / hot and male

    S&M looking head master that looks like he just walked out of the Enzai OVA

  • flowers, drawing style, bright colors,
  • the bishonen themselves follow the typical classifications for yaoi guy group (the smart one, the strong, rude one, the super yaoi one who inexplicably loves flowers, the super nice one, etc.).

    The creators have to go out of their way to make a the characters seem straight by repeatedly flashing Teito or Mikage spreads from a girlie magazine. Refrencing hetero porn mags comes up a lot, but it's done in such a way it seems forced and to keep male viewers from thinking it's just another yaoi anime where all characters are yaoi and go to fudge packing academy. (See Gakuen Heaven)

    POINT 2
    Teito and Mikage share a special bond with each other and no one else. They also seem to chat a lot in the middle of the night when no one else is around. Within 13 minutes of episode one, Mikage pulls a Wolfram and crawls into Teito's bed after lights out, telling him to lighten up "it's our last night together."

    By the end of episode 1 however, Teito gets involved in some... unpleasantness and is forced to flee the authorities and the academy. Of course Mikage helps him escape.

    POINT 3
    As far as Teito is concerned, each episode might as well be an eternity. Since the events of episode 1, Teito and Mikage have been separated and missing each other terribly. In ep 4, Teito meets with a demon disguised as an old man offering to grant him his hearts desire at the cost of his soul. The demon is very upfront about that last part. Knowing this, Teito tears up and instead of say, wishing the guys who are after him would drop dead, or to bring his parents back to life, or to be filthy, stinking rich, he only wishes is to see Mikage again. Luckily his new aquaintences just happen to be near by to save him.

    POINT 4
    After helping Teito escape, Mikage is captured and given a choice of ratting out his friend's where-abouts, or gving up his family. Since this is a shonen-ai page I'm sure you can guess what his answer was. He gives up his family under the pretense that "they would understand." I kid you not. In ep 4 when he decides this, he and Teito are give a split screen to show a speech they give completely in unison about how they'll never abandon one another. And then fist bump. It was awesome.

    POINT 5
    They're finally reunited. Sparkles and a running glomp ensue.

    POINT 6
    Later in ep 5, Teito and Mikage are trying to "sleep." When they find they can't they say up all night chatting. They share secrets and heartfelt words about how elated they are to have met one another.

    POINT 7
    In ep 6, the show uses another anime troupe. When Mikage's jealous, brainwashed sister comes into the situation and tries to kill Mikage rather than bear the thought of not being with him forever, Teito's latent power manifest to try to protect him.

    POINT 8
    Episode 8 some minor conflicts had been resolved and Mikage and Teito were free to just enjoy each other's company. Being with Mikage finally was when Teito discovered what happiness must feel like. Do your teeth hurt yet?But of course, since the creators realize Teito and Mikage are just one windy walk through the garden away from blowing each other behind the hedges, they make sure to sneak in the blatantly obvious & very desperate attempt to make them seem straight, Mikage randomly asks which girl is Teito's type. Of course Teito has no actual answer for him.

    Their happiness is short lived as it turns out Mikage has also been manipulated/brainwashed. As he realizes he's no longer himself and will eventuslly try to hurt Teito he plays the you're the one dearest to my heart so you have to kill me card.

    Of course they have to put an end to all this, uh, friendship and the plot twists in such a way that results in Mikage's death. ;_;

    As one would expect, Teito doesn't take his death very well.

    Teito blames himself, and sulks, a LOT. Mikage does come back soon after, but is downgraded from a moderately cute blonde to a fucking pink rabbit thing.

    Also moderately cute.

    More to come since the show is far from over.

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