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Angel Sanctuary . This is one strange anime with even stranger characters. If you've seen it before, you'd know that the yaoi is subtle. They are best friends in high school, but is that all they are?

. SETSUNA . moody, odd, and possesed. Typical troubled teen dealing with what the super natural world throws at him.

KIRA . a sort of guardian angel for Setsuna. Though he does his job a little too well.

Setsuna often confides in his 'friend' Kira sempai. He even tells Kira about his feelings for his own sister; Sara. As the story progresses everyone finds out about his incestuous feelings and he hits "rock bottom." The only one there to literally slap some sense into him, and pull him out of his stupor was good ole Kira sempai. Kira is always there to give him advice, help him out and even take the blame for him when a serious crime was committed.

I'm not exactly sure if Setsuna feels for Kira in that way, though considering his ecclectic tastes in lovers, I wouldn't be at all surprised if it hadn't crossed his mind. As for Kira, just why does he do all these things for Setsuna? I understand that they're good friends, but accepting the blame for a murder? I'd say they were just a little more than good friends.

Although Kira is somewhat of a guardian angel to Setsuna, Kurai's androgenous cousin noticed he had gotten waaaaaay too attached to Setsuna, even as his protector.

Well you make your own decisions on their yaoi status

These two are a little more obvious.
ROCIEL . incredibly vain, self absorbed, violent angel with almost no morals.

RAPHAEL . Rociel's right hand man. He would do anything for him.

Rociel is extremely vain. For him, constant praise and proclaimations of his beauty are a necessity. Raphael is his right hand man. He saves his butt when he's in trouble, he resurrected him in the beginning, and gives him the daily ego boosting he needs. He would do most anything for Rociel. The pic to the left is Rociel attempting to get Raphael to swallow this pill that would give him some sort of power to capture and kill Setsuna. There are much easier ways to get him to take the pill, but Rociel uses his tongue instead :>

Did I leave out anything? Let me know

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