Enigma Boysluv - Yaoi Proof: Berzerk (Gatsu x Griffith)

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.GATSU. gruff, touchy, violent, excellent fighter and incredibly strong. He's a loner, and unsure of his life and his place in the world. He turns to Griffith and the Band of the Hawk to find some sort of guidance.

.GRIFFITH. Suave, worldly, intelligent, fighter and tactician as well as a manipulator. He does almost every thing well. There are few things he can't do and few people he can't figure out. A dangerous man.

This "couple" isn't as well know as the others, but I find their yaoi-ness hard to deny. I saw signs of YAOI from these from very early on in the anime. They were short-lived enemies, then fast friends. They are very close...a little too close.

What's your take on these lines?
Gastu: *right after punching Griffith* I bet no one's ever punched you in your pretty face before!
Griffith: I want you. (Gatsu)
Griffith: You are mine now.
Casuka: Griffith has never said that kind of thing *the lines above* to anyone else.

Griffith is very possessive of Gatsu, alarmingly so.
Griffith: You fight only for me...because you are mine. I'll tell you the time and place to die.

Griffith is a different person around Gatsu. He often breaks the tried and true mercenary code of "if he can't stand on his own, leave him" when he constantly puts his own life in danger to help or even save Gastu on at least 3 separate occasions. Gatsu know Griffith is breaking code for him and frequently questions him. Griffith never answers really and just flashes him an enigmatic smile. But I think it's pretty obvious why.

Griffith confides and put his trusts in Gatsu almost immediately after meeting him. At first, it seems like Griffith sees Gatsu as some sort of long term investment. But I think there're more to it than that.
Grifith: You're the first one I've ever talked to like this.
Gatsu: Why...why did you come help me?
Griffith: I just got something great. I don't want to lose it in a little battle like that.
Interestingly enough, Gatsu never forgot what Griffith did for him. Years later he still asks Griffith the same question. And Griffith always gives him this very vague answer, always avoiding the question. Why?

One of Gatsu first reactions to Griffith is "this man is amazing!!!" At first they were fighting companions, and merely admired each other's skill. But was that all? Gatsu found Griffith appealing because he was the only one who had EVER bested him, and with such ease. He saw and felt this aura and brilliance in Griffith that he hadn't in anyone else. He even refers to Griffith as dazzling.

Griffith in turn also saw something special in Gatsu. His skill was nearly on par with Griffith's own. Their combined strength and help would enable Griffith to obtain his dream; his own kingdom. We find out later in the series just how obssessed he is with realizing this dream. But when he's around Gatsu, he is different. Gatsu actually became more important to him than his ultimate life's goal. The lines go: ...You...out of the thousands of comrades .....the tens of thousands of enemies...there was only one...only one ....you were the only one who ever made me forget my dream

When Gatsu decides to leave their Band of the Hawk, the pillar of light and strength that was Griffith falls apart. Griffith does many things he shouldn't have, and lands himself in jail, where he is tortured for a year. The only thing that kept Griffith alive, the only thing that helped him keep his last shreds of sanity was his memory of Gatsu. "Ah Gatsu, the one who I thought was mine...the one that has hurt me so greivously...yet his face...the only thing shining through the darkness of my mind.

Eventually, Gatsu hears of Griffith's capture and rushes to save him. Of course he is successful, but Griffith's body is battered, broken, frail and weak. Gatsu was mortified at what they had done to him. He even cries over him and holds him close, forbidding anyone to come near them. Of everyone there, Gatsu was the only one who cried.

Later after Griffith's successful rescue, he noticed Gatsu's and Casuka's, another of the main characers, budding relationship. He was enraged and maybe even jealous. Gatsu's and Casuka's new romance seemed to hurt and anger him, A LOT. But why? Casuka was always interested in Griffith, so he could have had her whenever he wanted. He did not return her feelings. So why is he angry now? Is he jealous of Gastu for being with her? Or of Casuka being with Gatsu?

In the end by a very strange turn of events, Griffith's body and strength are restored. In the last episode of the series his feelings of betrayal and anger at his new situation with Casuka and Gatsu, and that he cannot realize his dreams now with his battered body, push him over the edge. After sacrificing all his old friends for the chance to get that kingdom of his, he rapes Caska while Gatsu powerlessly looks on. You can interpret this several ways. Did he rape Gastu's new lover so he can have a taste of the pain he endured when Gastu left him? Is he simply insane? Yet even insanity has it's reason, no one goes insane over nothing.

Take that as you will.

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