Enigma Boysluv - Yaoi Proof: Code Geass (Lelouch x Suzaku)

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Code Geass

LELOUCH - Main character.A brilliant, deceitful, calculating & driven young man who hates the current government and will do anything to stomp it out. He believes the ends justify the means.

SUZAKU - The yin to Lelouch's yang. He is brave and honorable. He too realizes Britannia has its share of problems, but feels it would be much better to fix it from the inside out and without resorting to trickery or needless death. Usually.

Let me take a minute to point out that CLAMP was involved in this anime. Lelouch and Suzaku are old childhood friends who suffered some mutual loss and are reunited about 7-10 years later only to find that circumstances have them on opposing sides. Said circumstances will inevitably result in them having to go against, hurt, maim or kill one another despite their friendship or saving each others lives before hand. Lelouch has a sister he dotes on. They end up attending the same schoool. Sound familiar? It should. That was the basic plot of X-1999: an anime up to its scrotum in yaoi-ish moments and pairings.

In ep 4 Suzaku is accused of killing prince Clovis as a scapegoat for some underhanded government plot. Lelouch in his "fight the establishment" alter-ego 'Zero,' risks his life on a bluff to personally save Suzuku's life. Now up until this point in the show Lelouch is portrayed as a tactician who uses those around him like chess pieces and rarely gets his hands dirty. So it's already seems out of character for him to save him. You could make the argument that Zero was simply trying to impress his new would-be followers by doing the impossible (saving a nationally condemned man), or even repaying Suzaku for saving him in ep 1, but I still think it's worth noting. After charming Suzaku's captors to let him go, Zero swoops him away like a damsel in distress.

After saving Suzaku (ep. 4), Zero and he chat about how messed up the Britannian government really is. Zero asks Suzaku to join their resistance since he deems Britannia "unworthy of his service." But instead of saying something along the lines of "join us and help us put an end to Britannian tyranny," he just says "come to me." Now it's very clear at the point that Lelouch is a very articulate young man and there were at least 10 less suggestive ways he could have said "join us." But he goes with "come to me." Even come to us would have been o.k. But 'come to me' can't help but sound vaguely sexual.

Now Lelouch and Suzaku are genuinely friends, so it's safe to say they enjoy each other's company. I can't really feel justified in being "the girl who cried bromance" for every little instance they're on screen together. But if there's one thing this anime has taught me it's that words are chosen very carefully. IN one ep a now consistently absent Lelouch phones in to see if all the friends he's been abandoning with his Britannia conquest are ok. Since this is a yaoi page, it's Suzaku that picks up the phone and I can't help but think the dialogue sounds more like a mild couple's quarrel. I've also noticed the writers of this show go out of their way to abruptly end or distract from these kinds of scenes as not to give Code Geass' numersous male viewers reason to change the channel.

In ep 17, Mao, another Geass user, hatches a plot to get back at Lelouch for getting him shot up. Through yet another brilliant plan, he and Suzaku team up to disarm the bomb & trick Mao. As Sazaku comes crashing through a window to help, Mao reads his mind and reveals some extreme childhood trauma Suzaku was trying to bury. Seeing how horrified this realization made Sazaku, Lelouch made it so that Mao would never speak again because he essentially hurt Suzaku's feelings. Now Lelouch is one cold hearted bastard and usually doesn't hesitate to kill someone. But instead of making Mao kill himself like he usually does, he makes him live the rest of his life not being able to communicate at all. Because he said something mean and made Suzaku cry.

When Lelouch does find out that it's Suzaku he's been up against this whole time and may inevitably have to kill someday, he loses his cool, calculating facade and issues an immediate retreat. Once they flee the scene and he thinks he's relatively alone, Lelouch breaks out into the most psychotic laughter I've heard since the Joker. He claims to be broken up about this he wanted Suzaku around to watch over his sister when he's out on missions, but I think we know the real reason. An episode later, Lelouch uses his Geass on him and simply tells him to live.

R2 picks up not too long after the events of the first series. During ep 1 there's a flashback to what happens directly after the cliffhanger of the series finale. Suzaku finally learns Lelouch is the "terrorist" Zero and they confront each other with deadly intent. But since they're friends, they're conflicted. After arguing, they both whip out guns and shoot at point blank range. Now Suzaku is a well trained soldier and Zero's been shooting people in the head this whole damn series, so there's absolutely no excuse at point blank range that both of them could miss. Unless of course they don't really want to kill each other. ALso Suzaku STILL had his gun, he could have just shot Lelouch from afar to stop him but not kill him. Instead, he goes with the straddling option. Apparently his crotch is more effective than a bullet; which frankly is pretty awesome.

Ok here's what actually happened.

Suzaku has more than enough reason to want to kill Lelouch then & there. But instead he drags him by his hair to the emperor of Britannia & has his memories altered so he can live as a normal person & forget all about being Zero. Ironically, this was probably the only way to save Lelouch's life & keep him as a friend if he wishes.

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