Enigma Boysluv - Yaoi Proof: Evangelion (Shinji x Kaworu)

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.SHINJI. quiet, reserved, disturbed, in need of stability and a good friend, and constantly asked to be a savior.

.KAWORU. very friendly, frank and open, willing to give Shinji what he needs and deserves, no questions asked.

A very popular couple in the YAOI world. I knew from the beginning that there was something up with these too. ((Spoilers!))

Shinji's a very shy, and reserved young man. He seems generally uncomfortable around people; especially girls. He has this strange "hedgehog's dilema" or the problem of being hurt and hurting those close to him. Thus he's not very outgoing, and is slow to make friends. However he takes to the silver haired angel, Kaworu very quickly. They were fast friends, and they do everything together. Even showering. Now showering together is not that weird for prepubesant boys, but I found their sleeping in the same bed rather dubious.

Kaworu seems very agressive and flirtatious when around Shinji. He's always seeking some physical contact with Shinji or really invading his personal space, which is unusual for a Japanese person. Very often Kaworu says something suggestive or sexual.

EX: Shinji: It's time to go
Kaworu: Where? Home?
Shinji: No. To bed
Kaworu: with me :>?
Shinji: eheh?! Ano...um no thats' not what I ....eh heh

Shinji almost always blushes, or looks uncomfortable each and everytime he's around Kaworu. Like Takeo Kun from Mahou Tsukai Tai, he's a bit of a pervert. The slightest thing "sets him off." With even minimal contact, the thought of possible contact, or words from Kaworu he's beet red or looking very uneasy. But other times he seems shy but pleased with the contact. It's sweet. Though he looks wary I don't think he's unhappy about Kaworu's affection at all.

There are official pictures from the show that depit them in a very yaoi tinted light. Though I wonder if that's really their intent or is it just fan service for people like us? EX: The pic where they're casually and lovingly draped over each other.

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