Enigma Boysluv - Yaoi Proof: Fushigi Yuugi (Nakago x Tamahome)

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Fushigi Yuugi

. TAMAHOME . skilled fighter, typical teen in many ways, loves money and Miaka. A great protector who is wiiling to saccrifice himself to help others. A cutie too.

. NAKAGO . disturbed, sadistic, beautiful, violent man with incredible power. Not to be trusted or trifled with.

Nakago is one strange fellow, but his yaoi-ness is impossible to deny. Nakago's dealings with Tamahome are to an extent, proof of that. Why is it that Nakago seems to love torturing him, both physically and emotionally, over every other senshi?

The incident when Tamahome sacrifices himself and goes to Kotou to spare eveyone else was wrought with yaoi tid bits, and spawned many a yaoi fanfic. Later, when Tamahome tries to escape, Nakago catches him. The first thing he does is whip him as punishment. Now there are many ways to discipline someone, but why whipping? Afterwards he licks the blood off Tamahome's face. Why?

Another incident was some time after Nakago attempts to rape Miaka. As usual Tamahome and Nakago are fighting. Nakago tortures him yet again by telling him just how he tried to hurt Miaka. He starts off by describing the kiss.

Nakago: Her lips were soft and fragrant...and I kissed her gently like this...
He actually kisses Tamahome before kneeing him in the groin and pelting him across the room. I couldn't tell if Tamahome was mortified, shocked, disgusted, or turned on. Perhaps a combination of all four, althoughI think his hopeless devotion to Miaka wouldn't ever let him admit the last one.

In the last few episodes of the series are even more dubious. Tamahome and Nakago battle it out for the last time. Yet now even with the help of his new powers, training and his friends behind him, Tamahome still can't defeat Nakago. Nakago is beating him to a pulp, then he hold Tamahome up by the hair and says:
Nakago: Hn..is this all the power of friendship can do? You poor thing. You're gonna die a little virgin...
Tamahome: DON"T FUCK WITH ME!!!

In a strange and sick sort of way Tamahome may have liked all this. But again he would never admit that to himself. We'll never know either.

As for Nakago, I get the impression he has some twisted, violent, sexual fixation on Tamahome. This maybe do to his being used as a sex slave for the Emperor in his youth. As one can imagine such a thing would leave anyone scarred for life. This may explain why he feels the need to do these sexual and violent things to others. EX: Tamahome. Any punishment he's ever given him has been of a very S&M and sexual nature. His whipping him, kneeing him in the groin, licking or kissing him, or getting someone else to do it. EX: Soi was to sleep with him before they kill him.

In the end, Nakago was delivered from his difficult life and Tamahome actually cried for him as he found out about his hardships and watched him die. But again he wouldn't let himself admit it.
Tamahome: You bastard...I'm not crying for you....I'm just..so happy your gone...yea..

Take that as you will.

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