Enigma Boysluv - Yaoi Proof: Get Backers (Ban x Ginji)

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. MIDOU BAN . intelligent, cold, calculating man with amazing powers and a warm heart. Quite formidable and quite handsome. *.*

. AMANO GINJI . silly, sunny lighthearted man with an even sunnier smile, electrical / thunder powers and a dark side. Can be very dangerous as well as cute.

This pairing comes as absolutely no surprise even to non yaoi fans. They are ying and yang. Complementing each other almost perfectly. They are different and yet so alike. Two "opposites" inexplicably drawn together as comrades and perhaps more.
Where you find one, you will undoubtedly find the other. They are always together. During the rare times they are apart, they are tirelessly asking or searching for the other.

not only are they always together but they're always touching in some way. A hug, an arm around the shoulder, long stares, being close enough to kiss most of the time, pats on the back, riding on the other's shoulders; just to name a few. They are SO chummy and affectionate with each other, whether it's yaoi or not it's just so heart warming to see! *.*

As mentioned before, it seems that they can't bear to be apart for long. However once they were separated on a mission to retrieve the IL lens from Markube X. They spent the next 3-5 episodes worrying and pining over the other (especially Ginji) until they were finally reunited in episode 17. It was so sweet!

Ginji and Ban are completely genuine around each other. Ban is one of the only people who is familiar with BOTH sides of Ginij's personality; good and bad. The same can be said for Ginji. He knows that Ban is far more than what he seems. Ban shows his nicer, caring side to Ginji more than anyone else. He only shows Ginij his true smile, and only Ginji calls him" Ban Chan." They trust each other enough that they know it's ok to be completely honest.

At the very end of the series there is an incredibly slashy moment between the two of them. They're just driving home in their VW Beatle and they give each other those tried and true loving stares before Ban puts his arm around Ginji. Ginji puts his head on Ban's shoulder. It was so sweet *.*

KAZUKI . The kind of man that both women and men all seem to fall for: strong, capable, mannerly, kind and incredibly girlish.

TOSHIKI. Blond, sullen, moody, graceful, violent, and gogeous. Very protective of Kazuki.

JUBEI . Tall, dark, handsome, and intelligent type. Very quiet and also very protective of Kazuki.

Kazuki seems to be in the middle of this shonen ai sandwich. Both Toshiki and Jubei seem to have a strong afinity, for him. They're are drawn to him, and he to them. Toshiki admires him for his skills and abilities. Or so he says.

Toshiki : I'm attracted to his... strength.
Jubei : But weren't you also attracted by his kindness? It was his compassion as well as his skills...

Jubei is drawn to Kazuki for a combination of reasons. The same as everyone else, though since he knows kazuki better than most. Where you find Kazuki, you'll almost always find Jubei not far behind.

Toshiki wishes with all his heart and soul to have the kind of closeness that Jubei has with Kazuki. He feels that when compared to Jubei, Kazuki always ignores him. It's made him quite bitter. So over the years a lot of animosity had built up between he and Jubei over Kazuki. Towards then end of the series Toshiki reached the breaking point and had a showdown with Jubei. Before the final blows are exchanged kazuki rushes in and stops them. The Toshiki finally asks Kazuki why he never pays attention to him. Kazuki informs him that he is quite wrong. I've never seen anyone look so relieved before. Espeically for such a sullen, unemotional man.

As mentioned before, Toshiki and Jubei are always trying to protect Kazuki, and they have done so since their childhood. They're drawn by his strength, yet they seem to forget about it entirely when danger is imminent. It's really quite sweet.

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