Enigma Boysluv - Yaoi Proof: Peacemaker Kurogane (Tetsunosuke x Suzu)

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Peace Maker Kurogane

. TETSUNOSUKE . Loudy, nutty, willful, thoughtless but not necessarily rude male lead of the show. He's 15 but looks 10 to 12 much to his chagrin. He has a good heart and great potential

. SUZU . Quiet, refined, skilled fighter, sullen, moody, but still acts like the young boy that he is at times. (14 yrs) Also has potential.

They're a bit young, but their possible romance is budding just as fast as their manhood :P

Tetsu and Suzu are rivals. The constant competition, then the gradual, and begrudging friendship that stems from comvienient plot twists. Typical. How may other yaoi pairings have begun this same way?

They may seem like total opposites, but they have a great deal in common. They're both pages (errand boy) for moody, taciturn, Shinsengumi sword masters. And both may not always get along with said masters, yet they constantly seek their praise and approval.
Suzu: I'm not immature like him.
Tetsu: I'm not mean like him.
Suzu:Yet somehow...
Tetsu: We are...
Both: Quite similar...

Suzu's master sees them having fun together at the end of episode 13 and he freaks out, telling Suzu to get away from Tetsu before he is corrupted with his kindness. Before he gets pulled in by "the eyes of a saint." Powerful words from the enemy.

Suzu's master as you know abhors the budding relationship between Suzu and Tetsu. So as proof of Suzu's loyalty, he asks him to kill Tetsu. You can imagine how much this request bothered Suzu. But being so fond and faithful to his master, he tries to obey him despite his growing affinity for Tetsu. Suzu leads Tetsu to an abandoned house to kill him. Tetsu trusts him completely and suspects nothing. Which makes it even harder for Suzu to complete his task. Tetsu finally catches on and barely evades when Suzu takes a desparate slash at him. But of course Suzu just can't being himself to harm him.

Suzu's master who knows Suzu could never have really killed his friend followed him there. He nearly strangles Suzu for not doing as he asks then goes after Tetsu to finish the job. Suzu sobs helplessly and covers his ears when Tetsu lets out a blood curdling scream and rund for his life. Tetsu is in real danger now. But just before Suzu's master can kill him, Suzu rushes over, grabing his master's leg and begging him to stop, knowing good and well how futile the gesture really is. It was a very emotional scene.

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