Enigma Boysluv - Yaoi Proof: Peacemaker Kurogane (Okita x Tetsunosuke)

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Peace Maker Kurogane

. OKITA . Light hearted, girlish, skilled fighter. Okita seems to serve as the moral and source of "words of advice on the show. A bit of a prankster though.

. TETSUNOSUKE . Loudy, nutty, willful, thoughtless but not necessarily rude male lead of the show. He's 15 but looks 10 to 12 much to his chagrin. He has a good heart and great potential.

These two are just so silly. But I can't help wondering about them sometimes.

Okita just loves to pick at Tetsu every now and then. He gets him in all sorts of trouble. But then he's right there to help him out again. In one episode, the prankster Okita steals Hijikata's Haiku poem book. Hijikata is abolutely livid, and goes on a violent rampage trying to get it back. Okita tricks Tetsu into taking it, and then vanishes when danger is near. Hijikata foaming at the mouth, is about to kill Tetsu over this book, when Okita pops out and saves him. It was ridiculously funny.

After Hijikata screams bloody murder and chases Tetsu all around Japan for a few hours Tetsu finds himself back at the shrine where they all live. Okita comes over to console him for his amazing deed of managing to stay alive with Hijikata on his tail. They share a 'loving,' humorous, and all too short moment together.

Later in the series Tetsu pretty much loses his nerve for any violence and bloodshed. Tetsu hides in his sleeping closet afraid to see or talk to anyone let alone fight. But towards the end of te series, the Shinsen gumi Okita included are caught in a really bloody battle. Okita gets really hurt and it's only then that Tetsu suddenly grows a pair, and goes to save Okita from centain death, facing off against the feared Sensei. (Suzu's master) Tetsu embraces the hurt Okita and vows that he no anyone else will be hurt again!

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