Enigma Boysluv - Yaoi Proof: Peacemaker Kurogane (Okita x Hijikata)

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Donated by : Ofuda Master

Donated by : Ofuda Master

Peace Maker Kurogane

. OKITA . Light hearted, girlish, skilled fighter. Okita seems to serve as the moral and source of "words of advice on the show. A bit of a prankster though.

. HIJIKATA . Very skilled fighter. Moody, violent, and a sadist in many ways. A mean bastard with a good heart and a smoking pipe. Damn sexy too *.*

These two are much closer than they appear.

POINT 1 Donated by : Ofuda Master
In episode 2 Okita gives Hijikata a shoulder massage.

POINT 2 Donated by : Ofuda Master
In episode 7 there's a cute scene where Okita asks Hijikata to go out with him. Normally Hijikata would be reluctant or put up a fight. But Hijikata goes without even asking what it is. They end up in a candy shop. If you're paying attention, you'll notice that while Okita is picking out candy, he is holding onto Hijikata's kimono... these two are just wayyy to kawaii *^-^*

Towards the last few episodes in the series, there's an all out battle and Okita gets really hurt. After all the comotion dies down, Hijikata, the so called mean, thoughtless and moody, rushes to Okita's side. Cradling him in his arms, Hijikata has never looked at anyone with such tenderness and worry before. He stays with Okita for a long while, holding him and nursing him back to health with his own special medicine. It was too sweet. *.*

POINT 4Donated by : Ofuda Master
As subtle as it is, really tells us that's there's something going on between the two of them: In episode 18, After Hijikata and Okita finish a skermish with the Choshu ronin, it starts to rain and they share an umbrella. This may not seem unsual. However, in Japanese culture, sharing an umbrella in the rain is something lovers to do. (FYI the Japanese equivalent to a heart and the initials of lovers is an umbrella with their names under it -Rena)

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