Enigma Boysluv - Yaoi Proof: Samurai Deeper Kyo (Saizo x Yuukimura)

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Samurai Deeper Kyo

. YUKIMURA . Charismatic, cheery and tactiful. Skilled fighter and a womanizer. Donated.

. SAIZO . A ninja working under Yukimura. He is Yukimura's very devoted "right hand man." Donated.

These two are very flirtatious to say the least.

POINT 1 Donated by : Ofuda Master
Saizo even appears to have a crush on his taicho Yukimura. While Saizo is devoted to working for Yukimura, he is much too eager to please his master. Take this little exchange for instance
Yukimura and Saizo are walking through the forest, and Saizo warns Yukimura not to drink so much. Yukimura replies:
Yukimura:"What, are you my wife now?"
Saizo: "If that's what you wish."
Yukimura: *laugh* "Now that's what I call real love!"

POINT 2 Donated by : Ofuda Master
Yukimura derives a lot oif pleasure from teasing Saizo. One day, Saizo is up in the trees, he's just informed Yukimura about something. Yukimura tells Saizo that he has to tell him something. A blushing Saizo asks "what?" After a pause to build up the tension, Yukimura smiles and tells him it's a secret.

POINT 3 Donated by : Ofuda Master
Yukimura is sitting at a roadside restaurant and Saizo comes up, dressed as a merchant and sits beside him. Yukimura makes an interesting comment.
Yukimura: Saizo
Saizo: Hai?
Yukimura: You look good in that outfit. *Saizo falls over and blushes*

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