Enigma Boysluv - Yaoi Proof: Street Fighter 2V (Ken x Ryu)

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Street Fighter IV : The Ties That Bind

.KEN. suave, athletic, disgustingly rich, yet somehow humble enough not to lose sight of that which is truly important: fighting! Cute too.

.RYU. light hearted, though a bit rough around the edges. Considerate, kind and has amazing potential. Also cute. (aren't they all?)

These two are what I call "ambiguously gay." The pics to the left show them being very close and chummy I suppose. But it's their actions that struck me most questionable

The new Street Fighter IV OVA : The ties that bind, have a couple of cute moments between Ken and Ryu. Essentially every time they're on screen together, they always stand uncomfortably close. At least on two occasions I half expected them to kiss. Ken is the first person Ryu sees as he wakes up after kicking bad guy ass. Ken holds his hand and tells him how much he pwned 'Sin' and how awesome he is. At the end of the movie, they have a sweet bromantic goodbye.

Street Fighter 2V

In the first episode of the series Ryu gets a letter from Ken in America. Ryu's friend chants arounds him:
Girl: "oooohhh hoohoo! Is it from your girlfriend? huh?! Yea right a girlfriend in America!! *laughs*
Ryu: "Its from Ken"
Girl: ".....A ....boy ..friend?..." *stops laughing*

She drops the subject abruptly. But surprisingly Ryu didn't object when she says Ken's his boyfriend. Odd.

After receiving the letter, Ryu promptly leaves everything behind and goes to America. When he arrives one of the first things Ken shows him is the replica of their old dojo he's made. They playfully spar for a while until Ken tries to pants Ryu. Interesting way to win a fight.

In the second episode, they go to a penthouse suite in a ritzy hotel. The first thing they do there is hit the pool. Of course, conveniently neither of them have packed bathing trunks. Ryu wades in nude and calls out to Ken that the water's fine. They Ken strips right in front of him then does this ridiculous pose. All the while mooning the viewer and sunning Ryu. Surprisingly, Ryu is not shocked in the least. After the pose Ken laughs and jumps right on top of Ryu in the pool. Then the scene abruptly changes. Hn I wonder why...

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