Enigma Boysluv - Yaoi Proof: Tigun ( Vash x Wolfwood)

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. VASH . loud, crazy happy yet troubled alien with the life's ambition of helping those in need while uncovering things and people from his past.

. WOLFWOOD . Nutty, chain smoking, traveling preist, who's not quite so holy and pious at all.

These two hit it off as soon as Wolfwood entered the show in episode 9

They're so much alike; in personalities, loudenss, and mannerisms. They're both so animated, are excellent gunmen, and always wish to help others in need. They even seem to have the same catch phrases and goals in life.
Nicholas: "I am a soldier of love, saving the lambs who have strayed."
Vash : "I am know as the hunter of peace who chases the mayfly know as love."
Vash and NIcholas : "For love and for peace!"
Meryl : "The birds of a feather have flocked together."
Meryl : He (Nicholas) reminds me of a certain somebody." (looking at Vash)

Even Meryl comments on how alike they seem only minutes after meeting each other.

They're like kindred spirits so to speak. Vash reminds Wolfwood of his yonger self I believe. Nicholas always seems to know exactly what Vash is going through. Only he knows of Vash's tourtured soul. Only he can see through the smiling mask Vash constantly wears.
Nicholas: "It's like you're hurting like crazy and grinning to hide it."

Vash and Nicholas are oddly close. Especially since they had only known each other for a few days at most. Nicholas is always holding, leaning against or touching Vash in some way. Jus genereally a lot of unecessary contact and nearness. But even though they haven't know each other long, Vash doesn't seem to mind it at all.

Just the things they say either alone or to each other seem pretty dubious.

Vash: "I don't like sleeping with men"
Vash: "You're actually kinda cute" (talking to the guy who tried to kill him)
Nicholas: "There's that smile again.....it suits you"
Nicholas: "She's (Milly) a good girl...so good...just like you" (Vash)

When Vash and Nicholas parted ways in episode 11 they both seemed pretty sad.
Nicholas: "I've got some things to do....so I'll be going now."
Vash: "Will I ever see you again?"
Nicholas: "I don't know...whenever I look at you I'm reminded of everything I hate about myself...it hurts"

Later, Vash was on the bus with Meryl and Milly again. He sat alone sipping liquior of some kind thinking back to Nicholas' parting words. He seemed to miss him already.

I found it interesting that Nick thinks Milly and Vash are so alike. Both seem to be so giving, kind and 'pure' of heart. It's also interesting that he took to Milly almost as quckly as he did Vash. It's also interesting that he slept with her. Again her being so much like Vash maybe that was as close as Nick would get *wink*
(sorry to all Nick x Milly fans, they're a cute couple though)

IN tha later half of the show Vash disappears for a while and stays with a new family and changes his name. Vash is hurt while protecting his new family and as he recouperates in the hospital, guess who came to see him after so long. Nick! He, unlike the doctor knew Vash was just pretending to be unconscious or asleep. Then Vash asks everyone if they can leave the room for a while. He wants to talk to him alone. What are they gonna talk about hmm?
Vash : why are you here? Did you come to make fun of me?
Nick : I came to take you away

After the incident with some of the Gung-Ho-Guns, Nick dies. Of course everyone, Milly especially, is crushed by his sudden death. But somehow Vash is strangely stoic about it all. Then a few days later we see him on a bench enjoying a huge bag of donuts. He's super cheery and happy, but you can tell how forced it is. Donuts are his favorite food and always put a smile on his face. But today they don't taste the same. His smiling mask finally cracks. Then he drops the one he was trying to eat and cries hysterically. Someone notices him.
Child: Hey look over there. That man is crying!
Child 2: What!? A grown man!?
Vash : Why can't I cry? Everyone feels like crying sometimes...
Child: Why are you crying?
Vash : My friend is no longer around..

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