Enigma Boysluv - Yaoi Proof: Virus Buster Serge (Raven x Serge)

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Virus Buster Serge

.SERGE. gruff, moody, and hot headed, but has a "softer side." A skilled fighter and the star of the show.

.RAVEN. Secretive, possesive, quiet and calculating.

In the first few episodes they were enemies. But no matter how he tried, Serge couldn't lay a finger on Raven. But, although he couldn't beat him, I suppose he came the closest of all others. Raven was intrigued by this young upstart and was just waiting for someone to come along who might challenge him.
Raven: I've been waiting for you...
Raven: I want to get to know you better
Raven: You (Serge) are loved.

Serge is also just as interested and sees him as a challenge as well.

Whenever there's a quiet moment in the show and Serge lets his mind wander, he always thinks if Raven. When he pictures him in his mind the camera always seems to just zoom in on his mouth as he's talking. He even dreams about him. From early on he was obsessed.

Also, whenever they're in the same space or scene, they're always unecessarily close. They actually look like they're about to kiss half the time, or Serge is giving Raven this long, adoring look. When my non yaoi loving friend saw this he stated "Why is he doin' all this!?! Why doesn't he just throw him over the table and take him right there?! We all know you wanna!!"

In all the confusion of the first few Virus fights, Serge ends up joining "Stand" and working for Raven; the very man he wanted to kill. When he joins, Raven gives him a weapon to "symbolize the alliance" between them. What kind of alliance? It didn't really look like a weapon at all, but a bondage ring or a collar one puts around their lovers neck to as some a form of sexual torture.

Watch the clip!

Serge does take it and wears it around his neck. Then later when he was in the shower his mind wandered to Raven and his lips again, he strokes his new "necklace" whistfully, and sighs. Hnnn

What's your take on this conversation?
Marcus: If you don't make it back, I'll take care of Serge.
Raven : Take care of him?! No one can 'take care' of Serge.

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