Enigma Boysluv - Yaoi Proof: X-1999 TV (Fuuma x Kamui)

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X-1999 OVA / MOVIE

. KAMUI . troubled, powerful, almost reckless youth destined to save the world at the cost of many lives, even those one's most important to him.

. FUUMA . Kamui's best friend turn worst enemy and mirror image. (figuratively) He can switch wildly from sweet and kind to violent hell raiser in an instant.

I noticed there's always some sort of yaoi in almost all of the clamp works. X 1999 and it's characters are no exceptions.

They are a perfect example of the timeless saying; opposites attract. To an extent they are actually opposites of the same person. Kamui rather small, somewhat frail looking, and even feminine looking young man. Fuuma however is more masculine, larger, and seems more aggressive, in every sense of the word. In yaoi there must always be one aggressive and one submissive partner. They fit that stereotype of the "height and strength = dominance" rule to a T.

Fuuma and Kamui grew up together. Fuuma spends all his time protecting Kamui from all he can. He seems like the overprotective type but besides that he and Kamui are the closest of friends. Maybe a little too close.

The official pictures I've seen of these tow are also dubious. In the first picture to the left Fuuma is trying to strip Kamui's shirt off with his teeth. Um...why? And why doesn't Kamui seem to mind at all ? He seems actually happy about that. Hnn. It also seems that Fuuma is definitely drawn to Kamui's neck. Kamui doesn't mind as usual.

In the X movie, Kamui was shown several different outcomes of the current situation. In all cases Kotori, Fuuma's sister is killed in some horrible way, and Kamui is seen holding her head in his hands and crying hysterically. I think they showed this because for Kamui that would be the most horrible thing to see your 'beloved' die in that way. But in the end, it's not Kotori that dies that way at all. It's Fuuma that is killed and then Kamui is seen holding Fuuma's head, even though he was the one who cut it off. Does that make Fuuma his beloved instead? Hnn.

I have a poster of Fuuma and Kamui together. In that poster, Kamui and Fuuma's arms are chained together with what I've named "the silver handcuffs of destiny." It really was handcuffs with a really long chain. Unexpectedly, Kamui takes the initiative. He's leaning towards Fuuma and has his hand on his inner thigh. Not near the knee or anything even remotely innocent, but his hand lingered suspiciously close to his crotch. That goes far beyond the reaches of friendship.

Now I showed this same poster to non yaoi fans and they found it VERY odd. I asked some of my guys friends: "you're pretty close with your friends right ? ....Yea.... Now, you're not against hugging them or anything right? Yea sure whatever...Well how often have you done this? and I showed them the picture of Kamui and his naughty hands. "Ummmm never. Are you sure they're just friends?"

Case in point.

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