Enigma Boysluv - Yaoi Proof: Yuu Yuu Hakusho (Yuusuke x HIei)

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Yuu Yuu Hakusho

.HIEI. dark, sullen and moody. But like all bad asses he has a "softer side." A short, cute little S class youkai (demon)

.YUUSUKE. Loud, cocky, maybe even obnoxious. But also hard working and courageous. Star of the show.

This couple is not as popular as Hiei and Kurama but evidence of their relationship is still there.

Like so many others, in the beginning they were enemies. Yuusuke by sheer dumb luck won their first fight. He was not the weak, worthess, ningen Hiei had took him for. Like his clone Bejiita, he wondered what made this ningen so special.

Hiei begins to take more notice of Yuusuke early on in the series; especially just before and during the tournament. While on the ship going towards the fighting arena, a fight "broke out." The Yuusuke plans their attack, but Hiei says:
Hiei: "Che' you are not necessary. Yuusuke and I will finish them."
I never took Hiei for someone who would give another team member encouragement or praise, especially to an old rival, but he does anyway. The way he said the line and the look he had on his face as he said it was classic. I'll try to get a pic of that soon.

The three pictures to the left are more examples or their 'yaoi-ness.'
. The first is an offical picture of the Yuusuke Gumi during a new year party. Yuusuke is pestering/glomping a slightly annoyed Hiei.
. In the secomd picture Yuusuke's actually trying to KISS Hiei.
. However in another picture, it's Hiei seeking the contact. This is more surprising because in the anime, Hiei is made out to be so gruff and touchy. Yet, he does it anyway. In fact in the first three pictures, they're touching each other.

Another example of their yaoi-ness occurs early in the series. Hiei was instructed to give Yuusuke a tape which had Yukina's whereabouts on it. The lines go:
(Hiei jumps down from a tree in front of Yuusuke)
Yuusuke: So Hiei, what's the matter?
Yuusuke: Are you attracted to me and started following me around?
Yuusuke: What's this?
Hiei: It's from Koemna(hands him the tape)
Yuusuke:From Koenma? What happened to Botan!?
Hiei: Who knows. I was just told to give this to you.
Yuusuke: Ok...thanks
(Hiei's staring again)
Yuusuke: What's wrong?
Hiei: ...........hn....(flits away)
Yuusuke: What a strange guy.

Very odd. especially since Yuusuke asked him is he attracted to him and he just avoided the question entirely. If Kuwabara had asked that he would have punched his face in. In other words you'd expect Hiei of all people to react violently to that kind of statement. But he says nothing...hn.

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