Enigma Boysluv - Yaoi Proof: Peacemaker Kurogane

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Peace Maker Kurogane

. SUZU . Quiet, refined, skilled fighter, sullen, moody, but still acts like the young boy that he is at times. (14 yrs) Also has potential.

. SUZU's MASTER . Suzu's Sensei. Not much is know about him as of yet. Also a skilled sword fighter, he tends to be nicer to Suzu than Hijikata is to Tetsu.

Theere's more than a little hero worship going on here!

Tetsu and Suzu are playing cards and Tetsu asks him about his master. Suzu's description of his master's look and body was like something one would read out of a romance novel. His description was just far too appreciative for there NOT to be something more than a little hero worship there. What was really surprising was that Tetsu felt the same way about his master. The whole conversation was just SO funny.

Suzu is remarkably attached to his Sensei. Suzu always wants to be near him, be of some use to him. Suzu hates being alone and it' Sensei's company that he loves most. He does tell him this one day in a very emotional scene towards the end of the show.

Sensei seems to be unnaturally and unreasonably angry about Suzu's and Tetsu's budding relationship. So much so that to "prove his loyalty" he tells Suzu to kill Tetsu. Of course Suzu is conflicted, but he goes to do it anyway because Sensei told him to, despite the obvious risk of losing his new best friend.

Sensei is involved in a potentially dangerous battle one night, and of course Suzu rushes to help him despite being "grounded" for disobeying him before. After Suzu's heart felt "I never wanna leave your side speech."

Suzu, having no luck getting reinforcements to help Sensei, returns really down trodden, only to find that he is too late. Sensei had been locked in a gruesome battle with Tetsu losing, an arm, then his head. Suzu reacts surprisingly calmly, but at the same time it was pretty clear that his fragile sanity had snapped. He comes up to sensei's lifeless body and says:
Suzu: Sensei, we have to go... the Mibu Wolves are coming.
Suzu: You head's missing... and your arm..
Suzu: They're missing Sensei!
He finds Sensei head and washes the blood off his face
Suzu: There, not you're all clean
Suzu: Come now, lets go home sensei...
He cries often during this scene. He talks to "Sensei" and keeps his head with him all the time now. This is the last we really see of Suzu in the series. ;_;

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